Cinema Review Archive: March 2011

Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) directs a poignant film about love, destiny and human existence.

Route Irish

Ken Loach tackles the controversial issue of the use of commercial armed forces in Iraq.


Will you want to take the clear pill with Bradley Cooper?...


Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) directs his first feature, a wonderfully funny coming-of-age comedy.

Brighton Rock

The 1960's mob fights in Brighton provide the context for this new version of Graham Green's classic novel.

Adjustment Bureau, The

Matt Damon is on the run again - this time from Fate itself - in George Nolfi's mystery thriller....

Animal Kingdom

Keeping it in the family in 80s Melbourne, in this award-winning Australian crime drama.

Waste Land

A profoundly moving documentary on Vik Muniz's attempt to create art out of biggest rubbish dump in Rio de Janeiro.


Pegg and Frost reunite for this new sci-fi comedy about an alien called Paul. Obviously....