Cinema Review Archive: November 2007


Caine. Law. Branagh. Pinter. What could go wrong?

30 Days Of Night

Get your teeth into the best horror film you will have seen for many years, and witness the vampire getting its bite back...

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The Spanish are coming, so get your armour on quick! Shekhar Kapur's second instalment in the life of the most cinematic of queens is a further step into the epic and grandiose. Roger Keen takes a look.

Saw IV

The annual Saw movie turns up like a bad penny, with more intestines than you can shake a scalpel at and a plot that doesn't bear close scrutiny. Why can't film makers forget gore and bring back real horror?

Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg's violent history-making takes him over to our shores, to examine the Russian Mafia in London. On offer is a gritty tale of sex-slavery and vengeance and another great performance from Viggo Mortensen. Review by Roger Keen.