Cinema Review Archive: October 2004

Finding Neverland

Johnny Depp plays JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, in this tearjerker based loosely on events in his life. The writer befriends a widow played by Kate Winslet and her four boys and they inspire him to write his famous fairy tale. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

My Summer of Love

Gary Couzens has reviewed My Summer of Love, an impressive, atmospheric story in which a young girl learns about life and love over one hot summer. My Summer of Love went on limited release in the UK on 22 October.


Jude Law replaces Michael Caine in Hollywood's remake of the 1960s British comedy about a roguish bachelor with an eye for the ladies. His conquests include Susan Sarandon, Marisa Tomei and Sienna Miller. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Grudge, The

When an American exchange student living in Japan enters a home that was the scene of a horrific double murder/suicide, she comes face-to-face with a deadly curse that intends to claim her as its next victim. Tiffany Bradford reviews the US theatrical release of The Grudge.

White Chicks

In this interracial drag comedy, Shawn and Marlon Wayans from Scary Movie play a pair of black FBI agents who go undercover as white women to foil a kidnapping plot. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Fat Slags

Viz's most notorious characters come to the big screen in a new British comedy, in which Sandra and Tracey inadvertently become national celebrities and get mixed up with dodgy media types including Jerry O'Connell and Geri Halliwell. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Shark Tale

The new animated blockbuster from Dreamworks is a kind of undersea gangster movie, with Will Smith providing the voice of a sneaky little fish who persuades the rest of the ocean that he's a fearless shark slayer. Other voices include Robert De Niro, Renée Zellweger, Jack Black and Angelina Jolie. R

Bride And Prejudice

British romcom meets Bollywood musical in this new film from the director of Bend It Like Beckham, which was the top grossing movie at the UK box office on its first weekend. In a plot based on Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice, a smalltown Indian girl must choose between three suitors. Review by Ke

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Shot entirely against greenscreens, 'Sky Captain' is a peculiar love letter to the cliffhanger serials of the past, Indiana Jones with Macs. Natski looks into tomorrow and sees... pointy rocket ships.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Gary Couzens has reviewed Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, a revealing picture of one of the planet's biggest rock bands in crisis.Metallica: Some Kind of Monster went on limited release in the UK and Ireland on 1 October.


A dark blend of suspense thriller and splatter movie, Saw stars Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes as two strangers who wake up to find themselves chained to the walls of a makeshift cell, at the mercy of a devious and unimaginably evil serial killer. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Layer Cake

'Lock, Stock...' and 'Snatch' producer Matthew Vaugh has cooked up the unsavoury 'Layer Cake'. Natski tastes it.


Working Title's latest romantic comedy stars Paul Bettany as a hapless British tennis player whose fortunes on and off the court pick up when he gets involved with beautiful American hotshot Kirsten Dunst. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Man on Fire

Director Tony Scott delivers another entry into the ever-popular revenge film sub-genre. John Creasy's job is to protect the young daughter of a wealthy couple in Mexico City. When he fails and she is kidnapped, he goes after those involved and makes them pay with their lives. Tiffany Bradford revie