Cinema Review Archive: September 2003

Ned Kelly

An Australian western based on the exploits of the continent's best-loved outlaw and folk hero, Ned Kelly stars Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom. Review by Kevin O'Reilly

Once Upon A Time in Mexico

Robert Rodriguez finishes another trilogy this year with the release of Once Upon A Time In Mexico. It's the final film from the director's popular El Mariachi film series that started with El Marachi, continued on with Desperado and finally comes to its conclusion with Mexic

Cabin Fever

Tiffany Bradford has reviewed the US theatrical release of Cabin Fever, director Eli Roth's genre-confused gorefest about a group of college graduates on Holiday in a remote cabin battling a mysterious flesh-eating virus.


Gigli, starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, is an odd blend of thriller, comedy and love story. It's also the most notorious critical and financial disaster to come out of Hollywood for some time. Is it the turkey it's reported to be? Kevin O'Reilly finds out.

Italian Job, The

Andy Hall has come out of retirement to use just enough explosives to blow the doors off a review of the new version of The Italian Job. An entertaining update or a national insult?


Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the cinema release of Underworld, an action-packed vampire movie starring Kate Beckinsale.

Tears Of The Sun

A contemporary war movie set during a fictional civil war in Nigeria, Tears Of The Sun stars Bruce Willis as a tough military officer whose squad is assigned to extract an American doctor (Monica Bellucci) from the warzone. Review by Kevin O'Reilly

Sin Eater, The (aka The Order)

Heath Ledger plays a priest investigating the unexplained death of a colleague in The Sin Eater, a new horror film from the director of A Knight's Tale. Reviewed by Kevin O'Reilly.

Calendar Girls

Gary Couzens has reviewed Calendar Girls, a winning British comedy starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters.Calendar Girls was released in London on 5 September, and on 12 September throughout the UK and Ireland.

Matchstick Men

Noel Megahey has reviewed the forthcoming theatrical release of Ridley Scott's Matchstick Men, starring Nicholas Cage as a small-time confidence trickster who has to choose between a big-time operation and an unexpected realisation of fatherhood.


Gary Couzens has reviewed Blackball, a tiresome comedy about lawn bowls starring Paul Kaye and James Cromwell, and directed by Mel Smith.Blackball opened in the UK and Ireland on 5 September.

Belleville Rendez-vous

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the theatrical release of Belleville Rendez-vous (a.k.a. Les Triplettes de Belleville), the bizarre French animated feature that made waves at the Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festivals.


Kevin O'Reilly has reviewed the theatrical release of Cypher, which stars Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu in a futuristic thriller about corporate espionage from the director of Cube.