Blu-Ray Review Archive: February 2009


19th Century China, Blood Brothers and battles. John looks at Metrodome's Blu-ray starring Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro

The French Connection

This ruined Blu-ray is brought to you by William Friedkin, who recently decided to change the colour timing on a film he directed nearly 40 years ago.

My Name is Bruce

Laugh because Bruce Campbell is a washed up B-movie actor with annoying fans! John discovers if that joke is funny anymore

Midnight Meat Train

It's late at night, you're on the last tube. Do you really sit in the same carriage as Vinnie Jones? John looks at the UK BD...

Ashes Of Time Redux

It's always appeared a bit rubbish, so how does Ashes of Time look in the world of hi-def...

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

Michael Mackenzie reviews the recent Region ABC (US) release of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Sony Pictures’ latest celebration of illegal music sharing.

Chungking Express

Wong Kar-wai's brilliant and lighthearted romp through two deleriously demented love stories comes cleaned-up and restored to HD in Artificial Eye's new UK Blu-ray edition. Noel Megahey reviews.

Monkey Magic

Monkey is rebooted for the kids of today. We review the UK blu-ray


Prepare to have your eyes seared and your eardrums perforated in glorious HD as Michael Mackenzie reviews New Line and Warner's recent Region ABC (US) Blu-ray Disc release of Domino.

Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee's stirring and vital, if uneven, film about World War II's Buffalo Soldiers is reviewed on Blu-ray by clydefro.

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly go to war as two middle-aged man-children forced to live together when their parents tie the knot in this raucous comedy from the team behind Anchorman and Talladega Nights. Matt Shingleton takes a look at Sony’s UK Blu-ray release.


Winner of the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes last year, Matteo Garrone's brutal and realistic account of the Naples Mafia, the Camorra, comes to Blu-ray disc from Optimum. Noel Megahey reviews.

Pineapple Express

A dope addict and his hazy dealer become embroiled in a war between two drug lords in this surreal action comedy from the team that brought us Superbad. Matt Shingleton takes a look at Sony’s UK Blu-ray release.