Blu-Ray Review Archive: August 2008

Half Past Dead

Great title, but is the divine ponytail of action movies a good thing. John reviews the new Blu-ray from Sony UK.

Maximum Risk

The muscles from Brussels, that bird from Species and Ringo Lam team up on this fine new Blu-ray from Sony. Twins, mafiosi and lots of stunts. It ain't clever but it's fun..

Basic Instinct

Optimum release Paul Verhoeven's erotic thriller onto Blu ray. A tale of two killers and a dance to the death, we decide whether this is modern noir or silly softcore...

Total Recall

The Governor of California wants his mind back in Paul Verhoeven's excellent blockbuster. Optimum release the film on blu-ray and we let you know about it..

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Director's cut)

Optimum present more of their Canal-Plus catalogue on Blu-ray. It was right here that Arnie started his path into politics, John explains

Son of Rambow

Optimum keep their Blu-ray releases coming with this British film telling the tale of two little boys. But is there room for two on our horse?