Blu-Ray Review Archive: September 2007

Black Book

Tartan kicks off their Blu-ray support with Paul Verhoeven's World War 2 thriller Black Book, released on the UK on September 24th. Michael Mackenzie reviews this Region 0 disc, which features an excellent transfer and boasts solid audio support.

Silent Hill

Just over a year after launching on Blu-ray and receiving much criticism for its image quality, Silent Hill shows up on HD DVD courtesy of German distributor Concorde Home Entertainment. Michael Mackenzie investigates how this new VC-1 encode compares to Sony's older MPEG-2 release.

Dawn of the Dead (remake): unrated director's cut

Halloween comes early this year as Michael Mackenzie reviews Universal's recent HD DVD release of the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.


Following on from his cinema review, Kev now sinks his teeth into the newly released HD-DVD offering, which also marks his first HD review for Times. So please bare with him..