Blu-Ray Review Archive: December 2006

Enter the Dragon

My first HD DVD review for the site is the last film Bruce Lee completed before his untimely death in 1973, a martial arts classic, Enter the Dragon. How does Warner's UK release shape up? Quite well actually...

Miami Vice

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx don their designer shades and head out to the beach as Michael Mackenzie reviews Universal's recent HD DVD/DVD combo release of Miami Vice.


Eight months after HD DVD first launched, it's double-dipping time! Michael Mackenzie reviews the recent R0 UK release of Serenity, and investigates whether Universal's new, more efficient transfer is any different from its predecessor.

Wolf Creek: Unrated

The Weinstein Company jumps aboard the HD DVD bandwagon this month with a variety of releases. Michael Mackenzie offers a sneak preview of Wolf Creek, an effective exploitation horror piece from the land down under.

V for Vendetta

Remember, remember... Okay, so it's the 5th of December rather than the 5th of November, but Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the recent HD DVD release of V for Vendetta anyway.